1. Have a good Easter break everyone! These are the first ones out from the Loru design shoot I had last weekend. More to come next week :).

    Check out: www.loru.fi

  2. It was getting dark. We walked across a bridge because Johanna wanted to see some famous sculptures. We walked past a red bicycle rikshaw. Johanna said we need to take that red rikshaw and go to see the Eiffel Tower. I agreed. Yes, that red one, definately that red one. 
    We walked across the street and had a look at the sculptures and headed back to the red rikshaw. There were other rikshaws but they weren’t good enough, we needed to take the red one. So we declined all the other offers and walked straight to the red one.
    "Eiffel Tower, 20 euros". Great, yes, 20 euros, sounds awesome, and doesn’t include walking :). We hopped in and Toma (which we learned later) started cycling away. It was nice and relaxing, I was taking pics, Johanna was probably laughing and Toma was cycling and telling us stories. Like - "Would you like to know more about the history of those buildings?" "No Toma, too tired for that, just  keep cycling :D". 
    "Actually, girls, I’m a famous reality tv-star from Bulgaria". Yes, Toma, yes, just keep cycling :). But that’s what he actually was - a reality tv winner from Bulgaria. Very good at posing too. Then he stopped cycling and took out his phone. And showed us all the famous people he’s met in the US. Like Dennis Rodman and I can’t remember the other ones. And then he started cycling again and took us to the Eiffel Tower. After asking us how old we were. I told him I’m xxx years old. He didn’t believe me. Yep, not a joke, I’m old :D. 
    He dropped us off at the Tower, it was already dark. “Don’t give anything to those guys who ask for one euro. They will steal your wallet.”
    It was nice to meet you, Toma Goranov :). Hopefully we meet again :).
  3. We had just eaten 5 minutes earlier but then we walked past this place. And stopped and came back. Could we eat some more? Always. Even if there’s wheat in it? Yes, this time it would be ok :). And I’m glad we stopped and ate - since I think it was the most delicious meal I’ve eaten in a while. We walked and sat down on a bench to eat. 

    So thanking Remy for a delicious second lunch :).

  4. Street art in the making in Paris. I tried to be careful with my camera not to get any paint on my lens :D. The sun was starting to go down, it was lovely to watch these girls paint.

    More of our work together: www.elinaandjohanna.com

  5. Street art vol.1. 

    Johanna was telling me the whole history of street art in Paris. How it started and when. And showing me work by certain people. Which I don’t remember now but here is some of it. I’m sure you know there is more to come.

    More of our work together: www.elinaandjohanna.com.

  6. Happy Families in Paris. We walked past this cafe, then turned around and walked in. A children’s birthday party was just starting but we promised to drink our tea in 10 minutes so we got a permission to stay :). A lovely place and friendly people. We could have easily have stayed more than 10 minutes :D. Tea was good too. We are recommending.


    More of our work at www.elinaandjohanna.com

  7. Elina and Johanna in Paris. Don’t get tired of these yet, I have lots more to come :D. 

    More of our work together: www.elinaandjohanna.com.

  8. Elina and Johanna in Paris. One of my friends said that so you were there hopping around taking pictures of each other. That pretty much sums it up :D. Hopping around, talking to people. Some kids told us not to climb the fence of that church. A couple from Italy want to come visit Finland but it’s too far away. It’s getting dark again. 

    More of our projects together: www.elinaandjohanna.com.

  9. Matti Sulanto @sulantoblog at my studio interviewing me. A video interview - I have to say I was sweating when I heard that :D. But went well, I will tell you when it comes out :).
    High Res

    Matti Sulanto @sulantoblog at my studio interviewing me. A video interview - I have to say I was sweating when I heard that :D. But went well, I will tell you when it comes out :).

  10. More party photos from the confirmation party. The beautiful centre of the party. And a beautiful summer day in Finland.

    at Kidd.O magazine.