1. Freediver Johanna Nordblad

  2. Johanna and I in the pool vol.4.

  3. Team Finland at the Aida Team World Championship 2014 in freediving. 

    Meet Mikko Pöntinen, Antero Joki, Mikko Anttonen and coach Johanna Nordblad.

    More at the Team Finland’s blog here: http://vapaasukellusmmkisat.blogspot.fi/

  4. Johanna and I at the pool after the static competition. 

  5. A few more from the static competition. Aida Team World Championship 2014, Cagliari, Sardinia.

    More on Team Finland’s blog here: http://vapaasukellusmmkisat.blogspot.fi/

  6. More from the static competition from the Aida Team World Championship 2014 in freediving. 

    More at Freediving Team of Finland’s blog: http://vapaasukellusmmkisat.blogspot.fi/

  7. Static competition on Saturday 20.9. Team Finland did so well! 

    Mikko Pöntinen 7 min 10 s

    Mikko Anttonen 6 min 09 s

    Antero Joki 6 min 16 s

    More pics on Freediving Team of Finland’s blog:


  8. Pool training with Johanna :). The sun was just going down last night but we hopped in the pool. 

    I’m starting to love my squares. At least I’m different :D. 

  9. Today it was the official training day for static. Here are Johanna’s pictures of me first (with Canon PowerShot D30). My pictures will come as soon as I get them out of my camera :). 

  10. More from the first static training day. Team Finland boys are doing so well. I’m so lucky to be here. And it’s warm. And we’ve been swimming. And had a little walk. And preparing for tomorrow’s official training.

    Read more on the Finnish team’s blog here.