1. Still more from yesterday, Cafe Birgitta Hernesaari. 

    I wil be going back there. Stay tuned. I will tell you what I eat then :D. 

    Cafe Birgitta Hernesaari here.

    and on Facebook here.

  2. Summer day at Cafe Birgitta at Hernesaari. 

    Cafe Birgitta here.

    On Facebook here.

  3. Cafe Birgitta, Hernesaari.

    I was there today. Probably the warmest day of this summer so far and the cafe was packed. I was warned that in the past couple of days it’s been so busy that the kitchen feels like a war zone. I came and yes it was busy. I was probably in everyone’s way but I sneaked into the kitchen. Amazing. Two cooks doing what they do best, not stopping since the orders kept coming in. I will share more tomorrow but here is a few. 

    And the food is amazing. You know I was eating again, don’t you. 

    And I will be going back there one night, since they are open till 10pm to capture the evening mood.

    Cafe Birgitta here.

    and here, on Facebook.

  4. Today I will be photographing here. Cafe Birgitta.
    High Res

    Today I will be photographing here. Cafe Birgitta.

  5. Outdoor portraits. Right next to my studio, in the park. 

  6. More portraits.

  7. Portraits. 

    Daughters. They are so special. I have one and occasionally she agrees to sit in fron of my camera. And look at me in my eyes (behind my camera). This girl is special too. So pretty.

  8. The jumping part that promised. With my little assistant helper. 

  9. Outdoor portraits coming soon.
    High Res

    Outdoor portraits coming soon.

  10. A few more of the natural light portraits. These are also on my Behance portfolio here.