1. More from the first static training day. Team Finland boys are doing so well. I’m so lucky to be here. And it’s warm. And we’ve been swimming. And had a little walk. And preparing for tomorrow’s official training.

    Read more on the Finnish team’s blog here.

  2. This was the first static training day before the competition day (which will be on Saturday). I was shooting in the pool. And found out a slight little problem with my gear. As you do you test all your gear. But with our tight timetables with my camera casing I was testing it the first time today. A big mistake - since the dome of the casing was not wide enough for my beautiful lens. But no problems, I might become the first and only square format underwater photographer. Nothing wrong with that :D. I might get another dome to test, let’s see. But until I do I will shoot square. Just letting you know. My friend Daan Verhoeven is laughing at me a little bit. But I will forgive him.

  3. The opening ceremony day. No official training today but we checked out the pool and had a little walk and some coffee.

    More at the Freediving team of Finland’s blog here.

  4. First members of Team Finland are arriving to Sardinia today. And training from tomorrow. Johanna and I will fly on Tuesday. 

    Don’t forget to follow the Freediving Team of Finland’s blog from the World Championships here.

  5. Team Finland getting ready for the Aida Team World Championship in Sardinia, Italy. These guys are good so keep an eye on their results :). Antero Joki, Mikko Pöntinen and Mikko Anttonen. Coach Johanna Nordblad.

    The team is already training in Sardinia starting the 12th of September. Johanna and I will arrive on the 16th. 

    I will update everywhere so you can follow these:

    This blog. www.blog.elinamanninen.com

    Freediving Team of Finland World Championship blog here.

    My twitter here.

    Freediving Team of Finland Facebook group here.

    Our site www.elinaandjohanna.com.

    And probably a few pics on my Instagram with my iPhone :D here.

    …and I will be back at the end of September so working normally starting start of October :). So see you then if not before :D.

  6. This is “Johanna my sister I love her” -post :). Will be so nice to go to Sardinia with her. It’s work but for us it’s never just work :D. We will probably be packing the night before but everything should be taken care of. I think. We have flights and passports and a hotel room so we can just calmly wait for Tuesday to arrive :D.

    Johanna’s website is here: www.johannanordblad.com. This year she’s not competing (like usually never in the team championships) but maybe next year again when it’s time for the individual championships. 

    This year Johanna is coaching the male national team.

    More of our projects together here: www.elinaandjohanna.com.

  7. Before I’m going to post anything else from yesterday’s pool training on my blog (there’s already a post at the Freediving Team of Finland’s blog here, check it out!) I will post this for you. My first test picture with the Canon 14mm f2.8 which I got from Rajala Pro Shop to test. A beautiful lens. Let’s see what I can do with it. It’s going underwater. I’m always a little bit scared of that, taking my gear under :D. In salt water and pool this time. I’ve been told it’s one of the best lenses you can have underwater so will be great to test it. It’s really wide too so will be different. But should be crispy clear and sharp. Last year I had a 35mm and I liked that but felt it wasn’t quite wide enough.

    Note: the underwater pics which are on the team’s blog are done with a Canon PowerShot D30 which Canon and Republic of Communications gave us to test as well. First underwater pics with the 14mm are coming from Sardinia.

    Anyway - we are on our way in about a week. Will be good :). And warm. Can’t wait.

  8. Kouvola last pool training with freediving team of Finland before @blueworldchamp with Mikko Pöntinen, Mikko Anttonen, Antero Joki and Johanna Nordblad

    Kouvola last pool training with freediving team of Finland before @blueworldchamp with Mikko Pöntinen, Mikko Anttonen, Antero Joki and Johanna Nordblad

  9. Linnanmäki. Fairy floss :).